Where Should I Live?

I found a fun website that takes the things you like and then tells you where you should live! Here are my top 10:

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2. Providence, Rhode Island

3. New Haven, Connecticut

4. Hartford, Connecticut

5. Little Rock, Arkansas

6. Norfolk Virginia

7. Long Island, New York

8. New York City, New York

9. San Diego, California

10. Boston, Massachusetts

Ha, I guess it told me what I knew all along--I'm a city girl! I've always wanted to live in the city. Everything about big cities just amaze me and make me feel so excited. But for now...I'm here in Provo, Utah (and going back home in less than a week!). But someday.................... :)

1 comment:

  1. We need to all have a get together when you move home and everyone is done with school!


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