So in SHAPE!!!

I've been working out so hard for the past few weeks. Dang, I've loved it! My friend Brooke is on the track team so whenever she doesn't go to track in the morning or doesn't have a hard workout, we go lift and run. I lifted 75 pounds the other day! I've also been learning how to hurdle and run like a champ! Hah it's been great and I've been feeling so in shape.

I have been kinda sore, but running and working out feel so good. I think I almost like it more than ballet, weirdly enough. I'm so glad that I've found something else that I like, because I feel like I've danced my whole life and I haven't really tried other things, so I'm glad I'm branching out. Anyways, I need to shower...so I better go. Before I kill everyone with my awful stench of BO! ;)

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