Last week, from the 18th to the 21st, my mom, dad, my sister C, and I had a great opportunity to go on trek. It turned out to be a good and fun experience, though we had a lot of blisters by the end.

Day 1 (Wednesday):
We got to the church at 7 am and left on the buses soon after. We were already dressed in our pioneer clothes. Once we got to the site (somewhere around the border of Utah and Wyoming), we were immediately put into our families. I got into the Woods family. There were six boys and three girls (including me) in our family. Their names were: Avala, Natalie, Kyle, Blake, Isaac, Taylor, Jordan, and Randy.

We walked 18 miles the first day! It was a way tough day! Tons of people got blisters and sunburns from just the first day. We also had the women's pull that was a hard thing, because the women had to pull up a huge hill. It was really great to come up though and see the men at the top in lines with their hats off to us. After we passed them, they hurried up to help us. It was awesome. The first day was really hard, but we were sooooo happy to see the port-a-potties because it meant we were setting up camp.

We got to camp pretty late, around like 9 pm and set up our tents out of tarps and wood poles. After that we got our dishes and had a yummy dinner of taco soup. It was really cold during all the nights, especially since the tarps weren't insulated or anything. It felt good to sleep, though, after a very exhausting day.

Day 2 (Thursday):We woke up at about eight in the morning and had a quick devotional. Then, we had breakfast, took down our tents, and then went over for a devotional that Bro McKay gave. It was really good. He talked about how proud we should be of our American flag and told the story behind the "Star Spangled Banner." Then, we head to walk once more. We walked about eight miles, which wasn't as long as the day before, but still tired us out a lot.

We had to set up our tents once again, but my family kept having problems. We ended up having to start over, which was NOT what my Pa wanted to do, but the only thing we really could do. Our tent was already a big mess. We then had dinner, listened to some music that was played by some of the people who had brought their instruments, and then had a much needed sleep.
Me, my friend Courtney, and her brother Jordan listening to music (by the way, my mom--not ma, mom-- took all the pics.)

Day 3 (Friday):

Friday was a nice day, because we didn't have to walk. It was a day full of fun, games, and spirituality. We played a lot of games that pioneers might have played then. My family won most of the games, except for a log-cutting one and the three legged race (we got disqualified on that one).
Me on the A-Frame thing, where my family had to move it with ropes and not let it fall. We did really good on this one. No mistakes at all!

Me and my "sisters". From left to right: Natalie, me, and Avala

Later on, we had a solo experience for about two hours where we got letters from our parents and a letter from our bishop. It was great to read the letters and think about stuff. Afterwards, we got back and had a testimony meeting, which was great to talk about our testimonies and the solo experience as well.

After dinner, we had a hoe down, where we did some square dancing with a guy calling out the moves. It was a little confusing, but it was fun and I got the hang of it after a few minutes. We also danced to a few line dances and had fun being crazy with those. We had peach cobbler for dessert (yum!) and then stayed up really late, since it was our last night together. My sisters and I stayed up forever just telling jokes and laughing lots. For me, it was probably the coldest night of sleep yet. When I woke up, my feet were numb!

Day 4 (Saturday and the day we go home):

We had to wake up way early on Saturday and woke up to Bro. McKay yelling in his blow horn for a half-hour probably. We had a quick breakfast and then took down our tent. Before going, my family had one last devotional and said one thing we liked about each person. We had to really rush by the end, because it was time to go and we had to hurry and pack our cart. We ended up being the last family to leave.
My family having our last-minute devotional.

We walked about six miles the last day, but it didn't feel that hard compared to everything else we had walked. We passed the time by playing alphabet games and stuff like that. We had fun.

My family pushing the cart (I'm in the front, along with all the other girls).

When we got to camp, Bro. McKay and his wife hadn't come yet--they were older and they walked the whole way, so they were a little behind--so everyone got in two lines to greet them. When they came up, we all sang "The Spirit of God." You could see the happiness from the tears in their eyes. It was a great moment. They did a lot for the whole trek and everyone really appreciated them.
We were so happy when the buses arrived and we got to go home. I slept the whole way back.

Trek was such a fun and awesome experience that I will never forget. My family was great and I had so much fun with them. Even though I can't, if I could go again, then I totally would. It was the best.


  1. Wow, You have a great blog...I am so proud of you! Great journal too about trek...I will never forget it.

  2. I love it! It's a great way to remember everything that happened.

  3. I'm so glad that you got to go! What a great experience. I wish that I could've had that experience, too.

    We miss you so much already! Thanks for being such a great hostess!


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