Fun with Family

About two weeks ago, my aunt, Ruth, and my three cousins came from Texas to visit for a week! We had such a blast. It was cousin crazy for a whole week and we had such a good time. My other aunt, Zildy, came from Salt Lake and stayed a couple of nights too, so that she and her two kids could be around for all the fun. Unfortunately for me, I had work, school, and ballet a lot, so I couldn't be around for as much fun as I wanted to be.

They came on Monday night (I had to leave right after they came because I had a class) and
we had a barbecue and the cousins began bonding by playing the Wii (classic).

I don't really remember too much of the week because I was gone a lot, but I do remember that the mom's went shopping a TON! It seemed like every time I came home, they were out shopping, which made me jealous. >: {

By the end, it was really really sad when they had to leave again. We don't see them very often and its the BEST when we do. I wasn't able to be there for the last goodbye (I was taking the ACT) but from what my mom told me, it was a huge tearfest and everyone was crying like crazy because they didn't want to leave. Just for that reason, I'm glad I wasn't there, because I know I would have been crying too. I hope someday, we'll all be able to live close together again, like we used to, so we don't have to have such sad partings. So yeah, it was lots of fun while it lasted. We hope to see our relatives again soon!

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  1. We did do a LOT of shopping, it was great! Too bad you couldn't join us for more stuff now that you are all grown up and all :)


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