Memorial Day

On Memorial Day (which yes I'm aware that it was awhile ago) in the morning, we went to the Union Station museum with my grandparents. There were three sections with antique cars, old rifles, and the trains. I think the trains was the best part because it had a lot of exhibits and stuff you could go in that used to be like a real train. The cars were way cool even though we couldn't sit in them or anything. We probably spent about five minutes at the most in the gun exhibit because we didn't really care and they all looked EXACTLY the same. :D It was lots of fun though and we had fun pretending to run all the train stuff.

Later on, our old next-door neighbors came to our house for a barbecue and we played a lot with them. Its always fun to see them because they were our best friends for the longest time and we don't want to break that bond. It was a great day and was definitely nice to have school off!

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