I have been sooooo busy lately! School just ended, I'm working on a sociology class (one of my college ones), my ballet recital is coming up, and I just started working at Smiths. Talk about crazy! I just wanted to post something really fast and I promise that another post will come soon. I just have no time right now. Every minute counts! MPL (More Posts Later)!


  1. I like the your new acronym MPL--I hear that you are kinda busy these days, congrats on the job, I hope we can get to see you this weekend finally. oH and I am finally coming to your ballet recital this year! It's about time I know.

  2. You are really busy, but you are handling it so well! :) It has been so fun to be here with you. You are such an awesome young lady. I am so proud of you! Hope the ACT goes well! :)


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