The Last Day of School!

On the last day of school, which was on May 31 for me, my friends and I did lots of fun stuff. We stayed at the school and signed yearbooks for a while and once we were done with that we went to the park. At the park, we played tennis (which has become one of our frequent hobbies, though we're all REALLY bad at it). We also played kickball. We wanted to play volleyball, but there were some other kids around so we figured it would be better if we didn't. After that, we went to a playground and played tag on that a lot (like elementary school!).
Laura and Jackie try going on the tire swing at the playground. They had a little trouble though. :)

Courtney pulls a face as she prepares to go down the slide.

We played a lot on the slide and tried to squish each other as we got to the bottom.
From top to bottom: (Hannah, Jackie, Laura, Courtney)

I'm in the back, trying to be seen!

After that, we went swimming at Farmington pool, except one of my friends, Laura, couldn't come because she had to go to work (I know sad!). Swimming was lots and lots of fun. We were planning to watch a movie later on my Courtney's projector, so we went to Smith's, got lots of treats, and visited Laura while she was working. It was cool.

Then we went and watched the movie, The Forgotten. It was kind of a scary movie but mostly it was just weird. It was fun, and we talked and laughed alot too. Overall, it was an amazingly fun day! I had lots and lots of fun and a great way to hit off summer.

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