I'm Doing Videography!

After about two years of playing around with it and now having an actual good camera to film with, I've decided to start doing videography professionally! I'm pretty excited about this, and I know it's going to take a little while to build everything up, but it should be a really great experience.

If you or someone you know is in need of a videographer for weddings, proposals, mission call openings and homecomings, lifestyle shoots, graduations, birthday parties, or anything you can think of, send them my way! Since I'm just starting out, my prices are really cheap and I'm probably one of the best deals you'll be able to find for videography in Utah. I feel like having a videographer at weddings especially, but also other events, is SO important, so even if your budget is small, message me and we'll figure out something for you!

I film with a Canon Rebel t5i and edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I've been filming and doing videography for family and friends for the past two years, and I also just recently got a job doing videography and editing for the BYU Alumni Association!

You can go to my vimeo page to see all of my past work and I've also posted some examples below!

Weddings (see more examples here):

Mission Call Opening:



a few other favorites:

Message me at kikicbrownee(at)gmail(dot)com for pricing and inquiries.

And please, spread the word! Thanks so much, I'm really excited about this!

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