He's Going To...

BRAZIL! South Sao Paulo mission to be exact! My cousin Trevar opened his mission call on Sunday, and we were all so excited that we got to be there for it. Mission call openings are always so exciting and I love them!

We realized after everyone left that we forgot to take a picture (this happens so much in our extended family gatherings--the forgetting to take a photo haha) but we took one with my family (sans Carina who was in Provo, and Gracie who had a sleepover with cousins). Notice how well our dog Buster posed. He's a goofball :)

I'm still getting used to my camera, so when I put on the self-timer and did "5," turns out it wasn't 5 seconds, it was 5 very quick pictures in a row. Haha! We decided to use this to our advantage when someone cried out "funny picture!" I love my family.

Trevar leaves June 17, and though I'll be sad when that day comes, I'm super excited for him and know he'll be an awesome missionary. Congrats Trevar!

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