Not everyone likes Valentine's Day, single or in a relationship, and this year I didn't like it either. I'm sure you're dying for details (ha).. It had to do with a boy and me getting hurt, and since I don't usually talk about dating on this blog much (because it doesn't just involve me) that's all I'll say.

I definitely think it's a holiday of expectations, and when people don't like it, it means those expectations weren't met, and vice-versa for when they are. You win some and you lose some, eh?

I don't really know what I meant to write in this post, but I'm hurting, and I want some way to let out those feelings. I keep trying to write but nothing seems to say how I feel. Blogging's hard that way; you can only really say so much, which is sometimes nothing at all.

I really am fine. And I know I'll be fine. But I hate hurting.

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