I'm in Cowboy Country

Yay! We arrived safely here in Wyoming after our 6 hour drive yesterday. I LOVE IT HERE. It is so nice to be able to be here with family and play with cousins and just relax. Last night the adults went out for dinner to celebrate my grandparents' 49th anniversary, while all the cousins stayed home and watched the little kids. It was crazy. And fun. :) Today I went shopping with my mom and got some cute shirts and a new pair of shoes--we always find great deals here in Cheyenne every time we come! Later today I think we might be going with our cousins to see "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

Tomorrow morning we're going to the Frontier Days parade, which is such a HUGE parade (I'm being super sarcastic). We just go every year for tradition, but the highlight of the parade is watching the horses poop on the road as they come by and laugh at the float with all the drunk people. That's Wyoming for ya. ;) It's so so pretty here though. I wish we didn't have to go home on Tuesday! :(

P.S. Still sick. :( And on vacation of all times! :( :( I think its getting worse...and to top it all off I have a canker sore as well as allergies cuz my grandma has dogs and I'm allergic. Go figure. :P Oh well, have a happy day! :)

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