Happy, sun-kissed, tan, and loving life

I'm back from Cali! Wow, best vacation ever. We went to Huntington, Laguna, and Santa Monica Beaches, and we also went to California Adventures and Disneyland. Oh it was so much FUN! I love California so much. So much that I want to live there someday. :) I took about 300 photos and am still editing and organizing them all, so I don't have time to put them up now, but hopefully I will later. And for all of you on facebook, just stay updated cuz I will post lots up on an album.

Next vacation: Cheyenne, Wyoming; leaving next Thursday, July 22. Can't wait!!!

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  1. WOW! I am so glad it was fun! I wish we could've been there. It would've been great to do together!!!! :) Love ya.


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