Visitors!!!!! :D

This weekend, two of our friends Jen and Camie came to visit us!!!! It was so much fun! We went to Provo Canyon on Friday, to the football game on Saturday (with BYU's dreadful loss), went to a dance party in one of our friend's apartments, and then had a sleepover! Oh and it was also raining so we danced in the rain. :) On Sunday we went to church and then went around and took cute pictures. There was also a stake fireside that night. I love my friends here and its so much fun when everyone comes up to visit.

Hollie, Me, Lizzy, Anna, and Michelle at the football game!
The super depressing score at the end of the game :(

This is Christine (left) and Jen! When we met Christine, we thought she was just like Jen! So basically they're twins and we were so excited for them to meet! :D

DANCE PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh you know, just dancing in the rain! :) Loved this!
Sleepover time!

We fit two small couches together and somehow five us slept on it...

Before church (or maybe right after).

There is a long explanation behind this picture....
Cute! I love this picture!

Trying to kiss a duck :P


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  1. How fun! I hope you get to go to fhe sometime!


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