18th Birthday Wish List

Ha ha, I'm so pathetic for putting this on here, but I thought it would be cute, because ten years from now, I can look at this and see all the silly things I asked for my birthday (except they are definitely not silly right now!!!!). And since there are only 27 until my birthday, my mom needs this list! And the pictures don't actually signify the exact item I want. Just an idea. So here it is...(in no particular order):

Purple Digital Camera (I want this one the MOST!!!)

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton (found at Deseret Book)
My Sister's Keeper

a Plaid or Black pea coat (just not white, cuz I already have one of those)
Dress (I like the ones with sleeves)Colored blue skinny jeans (to wear to the BYU games)

Jon Schmidt Piano Book (one that has "Pachelbel Meets U2," "All of Me," or "Waterfall")

High School Musical 3 barbies

Taylor Swift barbie
(just so you know, I'm now collecting barbies, because I love them!)

College Stuff

Saved by the Bell COLLEGE YEARS! (you know, because I'm in college...)

iTunes Gift Card

A mannequin (NO JOKE!)

New phone (but only a good one)

And...I think that's all! Keep checking the list, because I might update it when I think of something new. Have fun reading it and shopping for me (ha ha, just kidding...)

Oh, and I almost forgot...my birthday cake request! Since I already know, I'll just say that I want a High School Musical birthday cake (with chocolate cake and white frosting). Here are some ideas...

This one is probably my favorite. I like it cuz it's way exciting and two layers!

The only reason I put this one on here is because it has a barbie on the cake *hint, hint*...but the rest of it isn't really that exciting. But I like the two layer part of it. I love layered cakes! :D


  1. Wacko!!! How come this is all I can say about each post???? You are cute.

  2. Such a silly girl! How about enjoying your last "kid" installment of $18 and doing what you want with that? Sound good?

    Oh, and I rewatched the DVRed devotional. I get to see the 5th row a few times, but it is kinda dark. Describe who was sitting next to you....girls, boys, blonde, dark, curly hair, etc. so that we can see if we can find you in the crowd! You didn't cut your hair short, did you? There was a girl that looked a little like you, but her hair was a lot shorter than yours was over the summer.

  3. Ha ha, I miss you! You and your crazy high school musical obsession.


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