Start of classes...more college activities...FUN! :)

Wow, so college life has been so much FUN!!!!! Its been crazy, busy, stressful, but so amazing all at the same time. I love it! My classes started on August 31st. Its been like three weeks now and I really love all my classes so much. I can't even say I have a favorite because they're all so great! I'm taking:

Fundamentals of Literary Theory and Criticism
Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric
Introduction to the English Major
Book of Mormon

The classes aren't that hard and I haven't had that much work to do for them (yet). If I had to pick a favorite, I guess I would say ballet, because I've missed it so much, so its great to do it and be in shape. I take it every day for an hour and a half so its a workout sometimes! But worth it in every way.

Speaking of my social life, so much has been happening I'm surprised I haven't gone crazy yet! I've taken many pictures too, of course, so sorry if you don't like the long post. :P

This was after the BYU-Oklahoma game which BYU dominated! It was a huge deal to beat Oklahoma cuz they're in the top ten and BYU hasn't beat a team in the top ten since like 1990! After the game, everyone was driving down the street and honking their horns. We wanted to find where people would be celebrating, so we went on campus and found this parade of people decked out in BYU clothing. We were led to this crazy dance party at some apartment complex with a bunch of older students. We only stayed for like two songs because there were sweaty guys everywhere but it was pretty awesome!

We're now going to take a family picture every Sunday. This was September 6th. Ha ha, I love us. :)

Brooke and I like to ride scooters everywhere. And boys look at us as we pass by and say how cool we are. No joke!

Chocolate milk at night is DELISH!

Banana splits at the creamery...way too big and way too expensive! But what I ate of it was good!

Dinner on Sunday with some boys in our ward. It was so much fun!

Family picture. September 13th.

Dancing in the pouring rain! SO amazing!

Waiting in line to see Pres. Monson's devotional! We were at the very front! Thanks to Christine, Hollie, and Kelly!

Yep...the prophet stood at that very pulpit...and we sat that close! It was amazing! :)

On the floor of the Marriott Center with the best seats possible waiting for Pres. Monson to come.

Hollie and me.

Brooke and I get easily bored in between our classes...

Shopping with (l to r) Ariel, Michelle, and Brooke!

Those dresses were so cool. Too bad we have an honor code.. ;)

I think we could be models.

Trying to find the campfire spot at Provo Canyon. It was so scary! But so fun! :D


  1. Kailee it looks like you are having SO much fun! You are amazing love you girly

  2. I'm so glad that you are loving it!


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