Happiness Is... :)

I have been so happy here at college. Like I can be whoever I want to be. In high school, there were cliques, and sometimes I felt like I couldn't completely be myself or I had to be "cool." But here, I'm myself--crazy, girly, random. :D

One of the reasons I'm feeling so great is because of ballet. It was so hard to quit last year (I had dancing withdrawals, no joke) but coming back to something I adore after leaving it just made it that much more valuable. I appreciate ballet so much more now and I try so hard every day, because I don't want to take it for granted. It's also weird because I feel like I'm doing so much better than I did before in ballet, even though I haven't done it for a year. I think the main reason of this is confidence. Here at BYU, I've had a fresh start where no one knows how well I dance or who the best dancers in the class are. At Clytie Adams, it seemed the same every year and there was a lot of competition, even though we were all still nice to each other. I like how everyone is chill here and its not really about being better than another person, it's about being better for yourself. :)

Tonight, I got to see one of my best friends from my home ward, Lindsay. I was so happy when she told me she was in town. It was great to just catch up and talk. I loved the girls in my home ward, and seeing her was like having a little bit of home here. We talked for like four hours and then went out for a late snack at Carl's Jr. with her mom (who was my old young women president, so it was great to see her too). It made my night being able to hang out with her!

Nothing else exciting has been happening in my life, but I feel good. College life is treating me well. I have one week left of childhood, isn't that strange? One week until I'm 18, become an adult. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I know I won't feel different, but it will be different. People will treat me like an adult, expect me to make smart choices, and be responsible. My voice will be heard and my vote will count. I'm probably making this a bigger deal than it really is, but being an adult is important to me. I have to make my own decisions and maybe influence others too. It's weird, but its a new chapter of my life I'm anxious to start!


  1. You got to hang out with Lindsay and Janine! How fun! I'll have to ask her about it! It's fun to read all of your feelings. You are awesome you know! And almost an adult wow!!

  2. You are amazing my little kiki, I can't wait to see you!!! Happy Birthday Month! You share a b-day month with Tayevion you know. I am so happy that you are so happy and love that you are writing these thoughts and feelings down. Life goes by so quickly and sooner than later you will be reading what you wrote and thinking it feels like just yesterday because you took the time to write it. Those are important emotions to express and you are light years ahead of others if you can recognize it! I love you!
    p.s. that is great that Ballet is going so well too, I love your facebook picture
    p.s.s.this is the longest comment ever!!!!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Fresh starts are amazing!
    p.s. You look beautiful:)


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