Other June Activities

Just some other random things I did in June:

My friend Josh Timothy had his farewell! I've known him for such a long time, so it was sad to see him go (he's in Lima, Peru by the way), but he'll be an awesome missionary!

The arts festival. I went with Courtney and Laura. All the artwork and stuff was way cool. But of course the highlight of the night was not the festival... The last thing we did at the festival was go see the films, which was like at 10:00 at night. By 11:00, we were still in the theater and there were like three films to go. We had come on the frontrunner so we kind of lost track of time. We needed to get back on the trax but got on going the wrong way. So then, we went back and waited for like 45 minutes for the right trax to come and it never did. So we just started walking towards the frontrunner. Along the way, we came across some Asians with ramen noodles, a guy who worked at the arts festival, a druggie named Trevor, and some college aged kids trying to break in some old building. It was quite the eventful night. When we decided we had probably missed the frontrunner, Courtney called her parents so her dad would come pick us up. In the end, we got home at about 1 in the morning. It was great! :D And this was the only picture we took the whole day.

Reading books. My goal was to read 80 books by the end of the summer. No such luck, because I think it will end up being about 45-50. I'm a failure (to me anyways).

Disney did this cool Christmas Carol tour thing where they're going to all the states to advertise their new Christmas Carol movie. We stood in line for a loooong time because there were a billion people there, of course. It was lots of fun though!

Father's Day. Me and my sisters playing a musical number (O My Father) that we played in church the next week. I played piano, Carina did the violin, and Sidney did the flute. It was pretty much amazing! ;)

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