Last day with my BFFs. :(

This was the last mutual for some of the graduated laurels and it was so sad to say goodbye! We went to a reception for Laura's sister and then went afterward to Pace's to sit at our regular table. Its pretty much the best!

On Thursday, August 13, it was my two best friends Laura and Courtney's last day before they left for college! It was so depressing, especially since I wasn't leaving for another two weeks. So we decided to have a day where we spent most of it with eachother. It was lots of fun! We rode the frontrunner to the Gateway, went shopping, bought friendship bracelets, had Hawaiian Ice and then had a sleepover. It was so sad the next morning when we had to say goodbye, because I knew it would be the last time I'd see them for a long time. It was so hard not to cry. :'( Now they are gone with Laura at Dixie and Courtney at Snow, but thank goodness for texting, because I've still been able to talk with them a lot. :)

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