End of school and Graduation!

Graduation finally came! High school is now done forever and I'm soon to be a BYU cougar. :) So many things happened around that time, that this post is just bursting with pictures!

The day after I got back from Guatemala there was a huge party hosted by my two friends Jen and Katherine. Lots of people went...
This was basically everyone at the party. Like I said...HUGE!
And then came the last two days of high school! It was fun because we did absolutely nothing in all our classes. AP Calc was fun....

Just a cool picture I took of my graduation cap and tassel. haha

My group in AP Calc Lab! Basically some of the funnest girls I could have been in a group with.

Courtney, Laura, and I at our last lunch together! We ate here for THREE years!
Fun times in yearbook. I will miss these girls. :(
Roasting hot dogs at Leesa's fire pit and then having a refreshing time in Ashley's hot tub.
Going to the drive in to see Up! and Hannah Montana the movie!
And then the day arrived....GRADUATION!!!!! I'm so happy I'm done and still very sad at the same time. It was very long, but a pretty good "ceremony" or whatever you would call it. I was sitting by Lindsay who is in my ward and a great friend, so that was pretty fun! We took a picture while we were waiting.

Me and my parents afterwards! I love them so much and am going to miss them dearly when I go to college! :(
Me and my best friend ever Laura! We've been friends since ninth grade and have had so many fun times together. Sadly, she is going to Dixie College and I'm going to BYU, but we'll for sure keep in touch!Me and all my grandparents. It was so great and supportive to have them at my graduation!

Eating dinner at Olive Garden, my favorite restaurant. The food was sooooooooooooo good! I want to go again! This was the adult side.......and here are the kids. I was in the middle...not really sure if I'm an adult or still a kid. :P

Me and my best friends right before the all-night partay! Love them. :D

Watching the hypnotist show with Jen and Laura.
This was part of the hypnotist show. It was by far the funniest thing I've ever seen!
All night party. We had way too much fun!
Driving home at five in the morning! We were pretty tired... :D

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