Guatemala: Saying Goodbye :(

It was so sad to wake up on Wednesday and realize that we were leaving that day. Guatemala was absolutely beautiful and a trip I'll never ever forget. I would love to go again soon! On our last day we ate breakfast for our last time :( and we got to see the school that my mom and uncle, Derick, went to! It was pretty cool. There were a lot of students walking around when we went ha.

Other stuff I never mentioned...We went to Chepe's (my great uncle) house EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! We stayed there for at least two hours it seemed too. And it got a little boring for me because I couldn't understand everything they were saying. See my grandpa's face? That is the perfect description of how he felt about going there every day. haha It was good to see family, though.

Tortrix are my new favorite chips! They were kind of like fritos, but way better! We brought a few home with us, but I wish they were sold in the U.S.

During our long drives to places, Alex and I needed something to do....so every day when Alex pulled out a new piece of gum, we'd take the sticky part off the wrapper and stick it on the headrest. We finished all the way, and on the last day, somebody pushed down the chair and ruined it all. Sad day. The funny thing is that the adults never even noticed!

Tigo, tigo, TIGO!!!! Tigo is just a cell phone company in Guatemala, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna take over the world someday. Everywhere you turned there would be a blue tigo sign painted on a wall or posters all over a store. I have no idea why, but it seemed like Guatemalans worshipped it! jk...

When we arrived in Fort Lauderdale, we had to wait almost a whole day for our next flight back home, so my uncle Jefre (my dad's brother), who lives in Miami, was nice enough to come pick us up and let us stay at his house for the night. It was great! We even went to Miami South Beach that night which was way fun.

And the next day, we got home! It felt great to be able to sleep in my own bed, although it was only for a few hours. We got in at like two in the morning, and I had school the next day at 7:30. I was tired, but it was good to see my friends again! Guatemala was the best trip ever and I loved it so much! I had memories that will last for a lifetime... :D

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