Yay!! I'm finally updated, though there are a few things I missed. In October, I went to the halloween dance with some friends and one boy that I pretty much got set up with (the dance was girl's choice). It was my first date and I had lots of fun. I've been on another date since then with a boy from my old ward. We went on a double date and saw the Golden Compass (this movie was way good. there have been rumors about atheism in it, but i saw nothing that could be atheist in the movie) and had fun at that. Thanksgiving also came and went and I went shopping on Black Friday with my mom and aunt.

I just have to say that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it--the excitement, giving, the music, Christ's birth, etc... It is so fun to spend it with those I love. I'm so grateful that Christ was born into this world to bring us the greatest gift of all. I hope that you and me can remember that and have fun this Christmas season. And now, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Happy New Year too!!!


  1. I agree, Christmastime is the best.
    I'm glad your blog is alive again!

    You didn't tell me you went on another date,hmmm...

  2. I love it K. You have an awesome blog.

  3. I have to keep commenting on the same old posts to get a word out to you! Where have you guys been we miss you---I love the new look on your blog!!! how did you do that? Oh and I agree-you are sixteen so live it up. Life doesn't get too much better than that!


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