Summing up the Summer

Ok, so this is it! The beginning of my relivened blog (yes Zildy, that was for you). This entry is just telling about the summer that happened forever ago. So here it is:

After my ballet recital I got to go to youth conference with our ward. It was a lot of fun. We went to Seven Peaks Water Park, saw the Manti Pageant, stayed overnight in some apartments (my friends and I pulled an all-nighter!), and did a ropes course! I had a blast and I'm way happy I got to go.

At the end of June through the first of July, we had all the family on my mom's side come for a huge family reunion. We got together because three of the cousins (one of them being my brother) all turned eight and got baptized together. It was way cool and fun and turned out to be the highlight of my summer. Here are some pics to show all the fun we had!

Here are the three baptism kids all together. They are soooo cute! The one in the middle is my bro.

We went swimming at a rec center. It was fun and as you can see, we got a little crazy.

We all made matching shirts for the 4th of July and here are all the cousins with them (the adults didn't do them, but they were jealous!).

Me, my sis Carina, and my cuz Alex. I was glad to see Alex again after so long. We have tons of fun together.

We had to retake some pictures at temple square and everyone got a little restless and played in the little pond (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a swimming pool!)

Here are all of the cousins on my mom's side and some from my dad's. It was crazy fun!
Later in July after everyone left, Carina and I went to girl's camp. We went to Heber Valley Camp and stayed in cabins. Here is a picture from the hike a group of us went on:

After girls camp, we went to Wyoming soon after and stayed at a resort that my uncle works at. We got to go 4 wheeling and fishing. We also went to the Buffalo Bill museum which turned out to be really cool. We came home after a week and the next day I went on a 2 day river run with the laurels in my ward. I wasn't 16 years old yet, but they let me and another girl go because our birthdays were close enough. It was really fun. The first day, we did a little shopping in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Wyoming again, I know) and the second day we went rafting. It was a lot of fun and I hope we go again.

As a summer job, I worked at Lagoon and I was able to get my family some passes to get in for cheap so we went a few times in the summer. It was fun (going to the park, not so much working).

A little after school started, it was Labor Day and we went "camping" in one of our old friend's backyard with a lot of other families, because we couldn't find a campsite. We had fun getting together with old friends and catching up.

One family had a wave runner and my mom and I rode on it together.

Me and my mom posing with some pig sculpture type thingy.

All of the teenagers together while the kids panned for gold.

Psycho me pretending to ride on a pony!

The summer was really fun, but way busy, but I had a good time. Hopefully next summer will be even better! Check my blog again for more posts, because it really will live again!!!

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