Halloween and my 16th B-day!!!

On October 4th, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was so cool, because I went to school and some friends sang happy birthday to me at lunch. I went to ballet and when I came home I was planning on just going to volleyball, but it turned out that my mom had planned a surprise birthday for me! It was amazing! It was one of the best birthdays ever.

We celebrate Halloween and I didn't really have anything to be, so I pulled out an old chocolate chip cookie costume and put it on top of me. I went trick or treating with my family a little and then hung out with friends. It was pretty fun.
This is the cute pumpkin I carved! If you can't tell what it is, its a little french guy with a beret.

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  1. Love the pictures, that is so cool your mom threw a surprise party for you!


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