Highlights of 2007!!!

Yay! It is now 2008 and a fresh new year!!! 2007 was a way fun year and I decided to shared my top ten events of 2007! So here they are...

10. Starting my Junior year of high school. It seems soooo crazy that I have less than two years to go before I graduate. I'm excited but its way scary. Being a junior has been fun, so far. This year is probably when classes are hardest though. I've gotten a lot less sleep than I should be getting because of homework and tests. Its been good though and friends have helped me get through it all. :)

9. Working at Lagoon. I worked on landscaping at Lagoon over the summer and it wasn't fun sometimes just watering plants but the people there were way fun and a lot of the time I had a blast! Plus I was able to get my family in for a cheap price! Yay!

8. Playing the piano for the ward choir. Yes, I do play the piano and my calling in my ward is to play for the choir. I go to choir anyways and I really did have fun doing this. It was tough at times but it was sweet cuz I looove piano! Music to my ears!

7. The Masquerade. As you may remember in one of my past posts, I wrote about this masquerade that I went to with my friends. I didn't go on a date or anything but it was soooooo fun and memorable. I would love to go again!

6. Spring Break. A week off of school in April was pure heaven. My family and I weren't going on vacation anywhere so we did one thing every day. It was fun to spend time with my family and do fun things. It was exciting and I loved it!

5. The River Run. This was sooooo cool!!! I got to go with the Laurels in our ward on a river run at the Snake River. I was soooo glad I got to go. Sadly, I have no pictures of this, but nonetheless, it was the best! (i rhymed!)

4. Vacation to Wyoming. This was a lot of fun, because our cousins from Florida came to Wyoming as well, and since we don't see them too often, it was way cool to spend time with them. We stayed at a resort where my uncle is head chef, swam in hot springs, and went to the Buffalo Bill Museum. I must admit, it was a fun trip! ;)

3. The Nutcracker. I got to be a Lady in Waiting in the Clytie Adams Nutcracker this year and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I wasn't too excited to be a Lady at first but after getting to know the other girls I danced with and hanging around them lots, I had the time of my life. Because of them, it was probably one of my favorite years EVER!

2. The Fajardo Family Reunion. As I explained before, my brother and two other cousins were baptized and so everyone on my mom's side and some on my Dad's side came to see it. This was the BEST time I ever had because it was fun to have all my cousins together there. I would love to do it again and again and again. It was THAT fun! Yay for family!1. And the best moment of 2007 (for me anyways) was... MY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!! I waited and waited for that day throughout the whole year, no joke. All my friends turned 16 before me and I was jealous because they got to go to Laurels and drive and date. But now I'm sixteen and a very happy girl! Plus I had the best party ever cuz it was a SURPRISE!!!!

So there you have it, folks. My best moments of 2007. It was an AWESOME year and I hope 2008 will be even better. Bye! And leave comments!


  1. Awesome post kiki! you had a great year!

  2. I'm so glad you had a fun year and that you loved your surprise party!

  3. lol hey! lol if you ever go to another masquerade I would so go with ya! I love hanging around with ya girly~ We need to hang out again sometime
    Love ya

  4. What a great recap! I love it. You have a great life and are so blessed!

  5. Totally cool blog!
    There are so many pics you have.You r awesome and i am glad you had a great year.

  6. Hey Its Brightyn
    this is such a cool web page I love it. especially the cute butterfly background


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