President Hinckley

I can't believe it. It's so weird to think that today at ward conference, we sustained President Gordon B. Hinckley as our prophet seer and revelator and now we will never do it again. It is so weird to have him gone now and I'm sad for everyone--his family, the church, his friends, and anyone who didn't get the chance to know him. In a way, I am happy for him, because he was getting frail and it was his time to go. Plus, he was such a good man that I know he will go to the Celestial Kingdom no matter what. It will take time to get used to it though. I love you President Hinckley and I'm so glad that you were my prophet!


  1. Pres. Hinckley is a wonderful example to follow. I love reading your blog. You have done an amazing job. Much better than mine!

  2. Es muy triste que él murió! El fue el profeta desde tenia 6 anos. Él es el único profeta recuerdo....

    entiendo? si no, me manda un mensaje... :)


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