My 17th Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I'm officially seventeen years old! I think it is so weird that I'm already seventeen, because my sixteenth birthday really doesn't seem like it was that long ago. And now here I am a year later. To most people, seventeen probably doesn't sound that important, but to me it really means a lot (more than being old enough to donate blood). I only have one more year of being a real kid, and so I really have to make the best of it! Its my Senior year and I'm going to make sure I have fun and be happy, even though I will still have to worry about other stuff, like going to college and figuring out a career and other stuff like that. I thought I would write down some goals I have for the next year:
  • Have fun!!!!
  • Get accepted to my dream college
  • Continue working on getting my associate's degree
  • Graduate from high school
  • Be amazing at being myself :)
Now I just wanted to post some pictures of things I have done over my days of being sixteen... (and it helps me get caught up on everything I haven't posted).
the Masquerade

Going to wonderful, fun, amazing CHICAGO!!

Going to Nauvoo--so amazing!

the first day of my Senior year

Homecoming 2008

Nutcracker 2007- my last year :(

Prom 2008

The Arts Festival in June

Ballet recital- June 2008
The fourth of July 2008

The Halloween dance 2007

Doing crazy stuff in the mall for young women

Young Women's Basketball--we made it all the way to the championship!

Easter 2008 (our funny picture)

My sixteenth birthday and my surprise party!

Overall, I think I had a great year being sixteen and I hope seventeen will be even better! Thats all for today.

P.S. If I fail to keep up or anything or you want to know about some of these things I never blogged about, you can check the blog my mom does for our family. The link is



  1. I love all the pictures that catch up all your 16th year of life! You are awesome!

  2. Ah! You are getting so big and grown up! It brings a tear to my eye. why it seems like just yesterday that you were spitting up on my shoulder...good times


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