Foootball Games!!!

So just this past Friday I went to a Football game with some friends. I had so much fun! The game was against our rival, Viewmont, so it was a super fun game because everybody really wanted us to win. We were basically crazy the whole time and had lots of fun cheering really loud. We ended up winning 14 to 3, which was great, because we really didn't even expect to beat them (our team lost to a really bad school last week for the Homecoming game, so we kind of figured we'd lose this game, but I guess not!).

After the game, we went to Wendy's to eat with some other people from our school, except everyone else besides us, was from Viewmont, so they were kind of bitter towards us. They imitated one girl's laugh and were throwing kids meal toys at us. It was pretty pathetic and way immature so we just left and then went home. It was such a fun night though! My friend took some pictures, so I put them on here.

Camie, Brooke, and me making strange faces (we stole the camera).

From left to right: Kaylin, Michelle, Brooke, Anna, Jen, and me

P.S. Some things I got for my birthday were CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT TICKETS!!!! (can you tell I'm excited?), these way cute pink boots, cute clothes and other shoes, scrapbook stuff, the CD and DVD of August Rush (such a good movie!), and lots of other fun stuff!

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