My Ballet Fieldtrip

Today, my ballet class and I went on a fieldtrip to see "An Evening of Ballets" at Ballet West. It was so fun and the dances were absolutely amazing. I was so surprised at some of the things they did, you should have seen it. They did three different ballets: Vespri, Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, and Carmina Burana.

Vespri didn't really have a story line to it. They just took some classical music and put choreography to it. Some of the dances they did were amazing!

Le Corsaire is a ballet that is about pirates who go to Greece and fall in love with some Greek women. When the women are sold into slavery, the pirates go to save them. Very romantic and cute love story! They only did the Pas de Deux from this, unfortunately. A Pas de Deux is usually when a man and a woman who love eachother are dancing together. It was short but very beautiful and well done.

Carmina Burana was my favorite. It was a mix of modern dance and ballet and although modern dance is kind of strange to me, I really enjoyed it. This ballet was about some monks who don't want to be monks so they go away from their lifestyle and go party (an exaggeration). They soon realize that they actually like being monks so they go back to that. It's kind of a weird story line. The ballet was kind of weird and a little hard to follow but the dancing was so cool! A really cool aspect of this ballet was that they got an opera choir to come and sing for the music. It made the music very strong and powerful.

All in all, we had a great time. This was the first time our class had really done anything together outside of ballet class and we had lots of fun. We took a few pics of us all. The first is at our ballet studio and the other is on the stairs at the Capitol Theater.

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