CR's B-day Party

On June 6th, it was my brother Cee Ryle's b-day, and we threw him an AWESOME Harry Potter party. It was really kind of a last minute decision and so for three days we worked way hard and went all out for his birthday party. My mom sewed twelve capes and hats for all the party guests(my brother invited eleven kids, all boys. It was a madhouse! We're not used to that many boys at one time.) She even sewed a little house elf hat for my little baby sis Gracie.

My dad made wands for all the kids using sticks. He just took off some of the bark with a knife. They ended up looking pretty cool. Here's a pic of a few of them.

My sisters and I did pretty much most of the other stuff. I printed, colored, and laminated badges and made a lot of signs and posters for the different stations. My sisters also did some posters.

When the kids came, they went to the different "stores" to get their hats, robes, and wands. I think they all really liked this. Then they went to get sorted into houses. We put a walkie talkie in the hat and my dad talked through it pretending to be the sorting hat. The kids all thought this was pretty cool. After sorting, they went to classes, which were all the games. These are some pictures of the kids doing potions.

My mom also baked an awesome cake that was shaped like a book. It tasted pretty good too. I got a picture of the birthday boy blowing out the candles.

Cee Ryle was so happy to get lots of presents. He got some really nice ones.
When the parents came to pick up their kids, they were all really impressed with everything the kids got. It made us feel pretty proud. I think he had a great birthday party. He's never really had any birthday parties yet and he had a lot of fun. :)

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  1. That sounds like a great party! Great work, you guys!


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