[PFW Spring 2014] Look #3: Green Dress

So usually when I buy fabric, I try to find it for a good price because "starving college student," "poor," "all that cool stuff." But with this dress, I wanted needed this exact color of green... the color of a traffic light. Isn't it soooo pretty? I think so too. I basically search far and wide for this color, which really isn't saying much considering Utah County's lack of good fabric stores. I ended up getting it at the Joann's in American Fork for like $10/yd (which for me is definitely quite pricey, considering I don't normally buy fabrics over $3/yd). It was the perfect green so I consented.

I'm really happy with how it turned out too, so I'm glad I got it. It's actually kind of a soft denim-ish fabric, and the black pieces are an almost suede (not quite there) that I got from Walmart. You'd love the texture if you could touch it up close. Also in the back, there's kind of a cutout at the top of the zipper. You can't really tell so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Thanks to my sisters for modeling all of my looks! Sidney is pictured here. Leave a comment with your thoughts! This one was definitely one of my favorites in this collection :) For runway photos go here!

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