I wonder if one of the reasons we all want to find someone to love and have children, is to have some constancy in our lives.

I yearn to have that constancy one day. To wake up every day to a familiar face and know that in a year's time, in five years time, in fifty, we will probably still be waking up to the same faces, with addition of a few wrinkles, freckles, and wisdom.

Loving can be a risk at first, but wouldn't it be so nice to love knowing it's not a risk? Just because you know it's a love that will last?

I love my roommates and all my friends, and yet I struggle every time there is a goodbye... Every time someone gets married or moves, it breaks my heart and I find myself trying not to cry because I miss them.

I miss my old roommates. I miss my family, near and far, because I'm never always with them, as much as I would like to be.

I hope that one day soon, I'll find that constant in my life. Someone who isn't going to change the ever-crashing waves of life around me, but just help me row the oars and see the sun a little bit better.

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