Book Talk: The Book Thief

I just finished the Book Thief today, and when I did I had tears on my cheeks and a new and better perspective on life, and the people in it.

It's a book that sculpts words and succeeds in honoring them. It's a story beautifully written and narrated from the point of view of death, which works perfectly considering it takes place during WWII. If you want a book to change you, read The Book Thief. When I finished it, I had to take a few moments to think, and let myself process. I didn't feel like any other book deserved to be read after that one.

It reminded me a lot like To Kill a Mockingbird, actually. It took place over several years in a poor-ish town with the main character being a girl growing from childhood to adulthood. You got to know and fall in love with the characters that lived on the street and in the town and it happened during a influential and destructive part of history.

Being someone who loves books and eats them up, going from one to the next in a matter of days, I related so much to Liesel, the main character. It was such a good book and I promise that you won't regret reading it. It's definitely one of the best books I have ever read. (and i have read a lot)

And there is a movie coming out November 8th, so you should hurry and read the book and then we can go see the movie together.

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