The Halloween Dance

So... I haven't written for a while, so most of this is going to be just pictures because that's way easier, so yeah.

So on November 1st, I went to the Halloween Dance at my school (it was girls choice). I asked this one kid named Danny in my math class. We went to the dance as ghosts, like basically everyone else in our group. We had around 40 people in our group, so it was basically HUGE!!! But it turned out to be lots of fun. For our day activity, we went to a church (my church actually, because my dad has a key) and played games like strobe light dodgeball. It was so much fun! We had picnics on the floor of the gym later and had Subway sandwiches. The dance was lots of fun and afterward, we went to one girl's house and just talked and stuff. It was a super fun dance and I had lots of fun. Below is a picture of my group. We got single pictures too but our scanner isn't working or something, so I could only get this one on. I'm behind the ninja turtles couple and Danny is next to me on my left.

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