Key Club

This year I joined an organization at my school called Key Club. We mainly focus on service in school and in the community. Some of the things we've done this year is recycle in our school and go to an old folks nursing home. I've had lots of fun and its cool because two of my best friends are in it. Since its getting to the end of the year, tryouts for everything are going on and since I'll be a senior next year, then I was able to try out to be a Key Club officer. I didn't want to make too big of a deal out of it, just in case I didn't make it (but I still wanted to make it). Its good because already being a Key Club member looks good on a college application, but if you're a Key Club officer then it looks even better. I had my interview about two and a half weeks ago and they told us that they would decide soon. So at every meeting we had, someone would ask if the officers were decided and they would say that they were deciding later in the week. But it took them forever, because we heard them say this every single week! They had us answer questions on another paper because apparently they were having a hard time deciding. But finally, yesterday we got invited to a breakfast and they told us the officers. I was so excited when they announced that I was one of them! It made me really happy. My job is to be the bulletin editor, and I'm in charge of doing posters for Key Club and making the calendars and stuff. I'm really excited for next year and I can't wait to be a Key Club officer. There are seven of us and one of my friends made it too! I can't wait!


  1. Wow Kiki! that is pretty amazing, way to go!

  2. That is AWESOME! :) Great job, KIKI! We are so proud of you!


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