Playing the Piano in Church

Today was so scary. I had to play a piano solo in church, which I've never done before. I've played songs for the choir before, because I'm the ward choir piano player, but I've never done a piano solo before. Luckily, though I'm not sure if thats the right word, my eye was hurting and it took my mind off of playing the piano and I didn't really get nervous. I guess it was kind of a good thing, but thankfully my eye stopped hurting when I went up to go play. I didn't want everyone up there to see me crying for no reason. That would have been way embarrassing! But my eye felt better while I was playing. I think I played the song the best I've ever played it, and I hardly messed up. It seemed to go by really fast, too. Oh, and the song was "We'll Bring the World His Truth (Armies of Helaman)." Lots of people came up to me afterward and told me I did an amazing job. Also, lately I've been thinking of teaching piano lessons, and because of this, I think I might. I need a job anyways, and a lot of people were asking me and my mom if I taught piano, since there's no one really in our ward that teaches. I would have fun doing it too. I'm proud that I was able to accomplish something new today, even though I was scared.


  1. I wish we were closer. I really want K to have piano lessons and I'd pay you well! :)

  2. I won't pay you well because I am not rich like my brother and family :) but will you teach Shayden? You can give me a family discount...that is awesome about your solo! I hope your eye is better for prom and you don't have a nervous twitch in it all night long. What would people think? You would be crying all night and people would think that you were so emotional over being with Doug!

  3. Your solo was awesome and everyone loved it! Sorry I took so long to comment. But I still love you!


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