Lessons Learned

I got a less than desirable score on one of my tests today and it made me mad for so many reasons. One, I really love the class it was for, Theories in Family Perspectives. It's a required class in my major, so I'm only taking it because I have to, but turns out that the class is actually very interesting and my professor is great, so I absolutely love the class and everything we're learning in it. It's all super useful and interesting!

The majority of my frustration, however, comes from the fact that I know I could have done way better on the test had I just given myself more time to take it. I didn't go into the testing center until 9 and it closes at 10, and even though I'm a fast test taker, I was rushing to finish at the end and I'm absolutely sure I would have done better with even just a half-hour more.

Which brings me to the title of this post, which is that sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. We have to experience unfortunate things, like getting a bad score on a test, so that we learn and don't do it again.

My week this week is INSANELY busy. It's midterms week so I've had two tests and a ton of things due, and on top of that, I'm working more hours this week and I have to sew things for a fashion show coming up in three weeks. It's been so busy, and yet somehow, I still can't help but be a yes man.

Yesterday, I told this guy in my ward that he could come over and use my machine to sew some stuff, which was fine. But today, I realized I should have told him I was just way too busy. But being the nice person I feel like I always have to be, I let him come over, just telling him I was busy and he couldn't stay for long. Buuut, I think he kinda liked me and was thinking I liked him, so he was just making conversation and he stayed for like an hour, way longer than I had planned for! I wasn't annoyed at him or anything, he's a nice guy, I was just annoyed with myself, because I'm in charge of managing my schedule and I did it poorly. This unfortunately meant that I couldn't go to institute (one of my favorite parts of the week) because I had to study for my test, and because it was so last minute studying, I wasn't able to give myself enough time to take the test.

I realize this is really a pointless blog post, but I'm just kind of mad. Mad because I could have done well if I'd had enough time, mad because I didn't get to go to institute (and then came to find out from my roommates later that there had been Costco pizza AND Krispy Kreme donuts for the treats, which made me want to cry), and mad because I put other people before myself.

That isn't always a bad thing to do, but today I realized that I need to do it less. Good for me for helping someone, but in the end, I did badly on my test, which will affect my grade in the class and ultimately my GPA. I could have helped him tomorrow or later too when I had more time. Point being, you can't help others until you help yourself. I'm not saying to be selfish, but it's important for me to take care of myself and take care of the necessary things FIRST.

Anyway, my lowest test score in the class will get dropped so I just have to study really well for all the other tests and do much better than I did today, so that's good, but lesson learned! I hate learning things the hard way. :P Rant over!

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