Provo Fashion Week via Instagram

Thursday was seriously one of the BEST days ever! I loved it so much! I always love doing fashion shows and this one was definitely no exception. I had a really fun time being able to show my six-piece collection at both shows on Thursday and then be able to talk with a bunch of fun people after, like family and friends and others who saw the show.

I've been trying to relax after all the craziness, but here are some pictures from instagram taken by me and some of my models. I promise I'll get pictures up from the whole show and the runway so you can see the designs more close up. I'm also working on a website for my designs so hopefully that will all get done soon! For now just enjoy these pictures :)
my clothes steamed/ironed just waiting to be put in garment bags and head to the runway :)
all dressed up and ready to go!
all the models backstage waiting to go on
My friends and family that came to the show and I said hi to afterwards
If you want to see more pictures from Provo Fashion Week and the other designers' looks, just search for #provofashionweek on instagram and you'll see a bunch! You can also follow me for more updates. Thanks to my models and to anyone that came, I had such a blast! More to come..

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