Because of Him

I have literally watched this video every day since I first saw it. It was posted 8 days ago and now has almost 4 million views on youtube. No matter who you are, I hope this video will speak to you like it has spoken to me. Just watch it, it's less than three minutes long and definitely worth your time.

Let's face it...life is hard. My life is hard, so soooooo hard sometimes, and whoever you are reading this right now, your life is probably hard too, or has been, or will be. Saying it never changes the fact, but sometimes it feels nice to just get it out and say LIFE IS HARD. Sometimes it's never enough, like I will never be able to explain the magnitude of the hardness of life to someone.

It's so easy to lose hope, to want to give up. I know a lot of things in my heart, but when life gets in the way and things are difficult, I have trouble making sense of it all in my head. It feels like I can't do it and sometimes I feel like I don't care anymore. It's hard. It's hard hard hard.

I'm beginning to realize that the only way I can have peace and be whole, is through Him, through His atonement. It's because of Him that I can mess up a million times and still somehow stand up and try again once more. Because of Him, I have hope.

I hope you know that because of Him, you can feel the same way too. He can heal you the way I am trying to let Him heal me. No matter your struggles, faults, weaknesses, or addictions, you can be free because of Him.

I hope you know that. Or at least I hope you feel that one day, you will be able to know that. You are loved.

Because of Him.

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