summer lovin, i'm havin a BLAST!

Not sure what to write because my life hasn't been too busy. But its been nice. Work takes up most of my life, though I am off at night which is nice. I still enjoy my job and love how there is something new every day. 2 year old kids are wonderful. :)

Something bittersweet: Season 1 of Glee ended last week! It was sooooo great. It's like the only show I follow and I'm kind of obsessed. The music is breathtaking. If you haven't heard any of it, I would definitely recommend taking a listen. Here's a sample of some of their music they sang in the finale. Oh goodness i LOVE it.

Amazing right? :) :) I can't wait for season 2 in the fall!!

Just this past weekend, I had fun going playing in Holladay with some of my high school yearbook friends (one of them is renting a house there). She has a pool and we were gonna go swimming but of course it was cold and rainy. So we just had random fun playing around the town. It was great.

I also went to a friend from BYU's farewell with my great friend Brookie J...haha we'll miss Shawn and all the crazy things we did to him. ;)

And just other random summer fun things I've been doing...

Watching the our high school compete at the state track meet
Going to a BYU dance while there :)
Me and my mama llama
Children's museum
Temple trip
Reunion with all the young women from my old ward/a 'shower' for Candace
Hanging out with my cute 3 year old sis

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