Guatemala: La Capital and the Temple

We went to la capital and went shopping in Mercado Central. That's where I bought a lot of my stuff including a Guatemalan barbie, cool bags, tons of bracelets, and even a Guatemalan chess set I gave to my brother! We also went back to the Catholic church, because we hadn't been in it very long before, and we also wanted to go in this other part that you had to pay to get in. It was such a pretty place! We also went to la Capital again, but this time with Alex and Derick. We spent a little more time there. We also got a chance to do most of our shopping at Mercado Central, which was probably one of my favorite parts. I even bought a Guatemalan barbie there! :D After that we went to the Guatemala City temple, which was beautiful! We even saw some missionaries there, so we took the chance of someone taking a picture of our whole group...anywhere else, someone would have stolen our cameras. I can't remember if this day was Sunday or not, but on Sunday we went to a sacrament meeting in a church and we got to see the church that my mom went to before and then we also got to see the church where my grandma first felt the spirit, which later caused for her to be baptized. So cool. :)

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  1. Ok so this is crazy, why haven't we sat down to see all of the Guate pictures yet??? You are leaving soon and are going to forget it all!
    And I really want to see this Guatemalan Barbie :)


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