Guatemala: Cemetary and Atitlan

On Friday, we started our sightseeing. We went to a Guatemalan cemetary, which was very cool. The coffins were put in like tomb things and it was all way colorful and beautiful in a way. Of course, it felt a tiny bit creepy too...

We next went to Lake Atitlan, which was such a beautiful place with amazing scenery. Before going by the lake, we ate "brunch" at this nice restaurant with delicious food! This is the only picture I have from the place. There was an avocado tree outside of it and Alex was trying to jump up and get one. No such luck, though. :(

As we were driving through the streets of Atitlan, there were two super adorable little girls just standing there. My mom took this picture, and when they realized she was taking photos, they got a huge smile on their faces. They were sooooo cute!!!!

There were so many of these taxi things in Guatemala. They were called "Tuk-Tuks" I think? It was so funny, because in this particular picture, there were a lot of them and they were fighting eachother as they drove, bumping into eachother and kinda racing. It was so funny! I wish I could have ridden in one.

And then we got to Lake Atitlan, which was absolutely breathtaking....

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  1. That is so cool! I love those pictures in the graveyard. The tuk tuks were in peru too. Except I think they called them moto taxis.


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