Hallelujah! Finally, I got my license!!!!!!!!!! It took me forever to get, but now I have it. I turned sixteen about six months ago, had my permit for six months, and passed my driving test the first time. So it would probably seem weird that I didn't get it then. But, my parents were a little unsure about me driving right away and said I had to get 20 more hours. It took me forever! Most of it was my fault, because I was too lazy or scared to drive sometimes, so I gave up chances that would have gotten me more driving time. I got my last five hours done over spring break, and my mom told me that we could go get my license on monday! It was one of the happiest days of my life. So now I'm free and I can drive wherever I want, though I don't have my own car yet. We are in the process of looking for one. Thats all, I just had to share my happiness!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! You will love the freedom and your mom will love having you help with some of the driving. Just be super safe...like you always are! :)

  2. Congratulations Kiki! thanks for the alert btw. I can't say I feel safer with you on the roads, but at least they are not the same roads that I am driving on. Just kidding, this is a HUGE milestone and I am glad that you did it!


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