It was the year I…
-bought a car
-traveled to Reno, NV to see Carrie Underwood in concert
-started working downtown
-crazily agreed to film and edit a 40-ep web series (and had so much fun doing it)
-went to San Diego Comic Con (for said web series)
-took an amazing trip to Guatemala
-moved out
-made a Harry Potter short film (the DREAM)
-sent my other sister off on a mission
-saw Carrie Underwood in concert again in SLC and MET HER (the OTHER DREAM)
-made a Star Wars video
-got to be a part of Apple Juice Productions, which meant filming and editing amazing things with other VERY talented female creators (THE REAL DREAM)
I loved it all so much. And of course along with it it all came loneliness, a lot of tears and many sessions of therapy, and so much insecurity. I’m still scared of most things and I’m still not the greatest at balancing my life. It wasn’t perfect, by any means.
But it was the best year of my life. I learned so much, had a ton of fun doing it, and made many new friends (who I hope will still be around at the end of 2017). I happily look back on it and am excited to see what comes next.
(honorable mentions for the year also include: my hot water bottle, Stranger Things, Snotgirl–and reading other comic books!), slopsicles, DEER, taking more time for illustrating and art, our suffragette sashes, Twim (my instant camera), reading the BSC, meeting three owls!, La La Land, holy cows, and discovering all the treats that Trader Joe’s has to offer)

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  1. You had a successful and blessed years of 2016. Congrats for all the achievements. You must be hardworking man and hardwork always pays off.


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