My Life is Boring....? :(

I basically have nothing exciting going on in my life right now....really! I just have work, school, and um.....ONE MORE TERM OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! That's about it right there. I'm way excited to start college at BYU in the fall but right now, I'm just keeping up with homework--especially in preparing for my AP tests and Key Club is keeping me kind of busy too.

I also would love for spring to come, but with it snowing every single weekend, it doesn't look like its happening anytime soon, unfortunately. Thankfully, next week is spring break and we're going to Texas to see relatives! It should be lots of fun. Also, hopefully this friday, I'm getting an iPod Touch, which is something I've been wanting since like, forever, but I've had to save up. I'm just trying to keep up on here, but with nothing to write...its kind of hard! We are going to temple square for mutual on Wednesday, so maybe I'll take some pictures and write about it on here. I guess that's about all for now! TTFN....

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