A Classic Skirt

Happy (real) Halloween! I celebrated it yesterday so it doesn't even feel like it today. I know I wore this skirt yesterday for my costume, but I actually was planning on wearing it today before yesterday. I realized I hadn't worn it yet, and I wanted to get good use out of it because it's such a classic piece of clothing. I think it's a really pretty and flowy skirt. I like it. The a-line makes it nice too. One thing that I like about this is that the front of the belt is brown, but it goes perfectly with the skirt. One girl at church today thought they were attached. From learning a lot of fashion and reading other style blogs, I've learned one thing: brown and black are ok together...in fact, they're great! Since they're both neutrals, they are perfectly fine to wear together, you just have to wear them in the right way.

Also...guess who made the headband?? Me! That's right, it's the same rose that I taught how to make earlier in THIS POST. I'm back to my flower making obsessions, so I think I'll post another tutorial on how to make another kind of flower soon. It's fun to experiment with different ways to make flowers. With these two I made them and then just glue gunned them to a white headband with a piece of fabric to make sure they stayed. I really really like how it turned out.

Cardigan: Thrifted

White Shirt: Down East Basics

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Pac Sun

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Tai Pan Trading Co.

Purse: Pac Sun (I was too lazy to find a diff. one when this still matched)

Headband: Made by me

Oh  and one more thing..I got the purse I designed in the mail! In case you hadn't read earlier, I entered a contest on Define My Style and won, so they let me design a purse for free they sent it to me! Crazy enough, it matches my outfit perfectly today, but I didn't use it because I was in a rush. It's actually even cuter than I expected. I think my favorite part about it is the inside. :)

Boo! I'm Gonna Scare YOU!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Ok, so yeah, technically Halloween is tomorrow, but I live it Utah, I'm Mormon, and I go to BYU. Haha therefore, whenever Halloween (or any holiday) falls on a Sunday, we celebrate it on a Saturday! So tonight was the night when all the little kids were out trick or treating and having a blast.

For me, Halloween has always been a great holiday. Candy? Costumes? Staying out late with friends? All of these are on a child's checklist for fun. And because my birthday is in October, I had Halloween parties a lot for my birthday. My next door neighbor and childhood best friend had her birthday the day after mine, so we always had Halloween parties together to celebrate our birthdays. It was so much fun! We also tried to coordinate costumes a lot. One year we were witches, along with 3 of our other friends, another year we were Harry Potter characters. And yes, our birthday party went along with these ideas. Probably my top Halloween costumes are a 50s girl and a ballerina. I think I've been a 50s girl like 5 times now and a ballerina like 3. I guess you could look at that and say that those are two things I've always wanted to be my whole life. Here are some pictures, one from when I was 3 years old as a ballerina, when I was 12 as a 50s girl,  then last year as a 50s girl at my family Halloween party and as a 'gangsta' with my roommates.

This year, I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to be for Halloween. I didn't have a car to go buy stuff or anyone to take me, my roommates were all doing their own thing, and everything I looked up was too scandalous or just really weird. I wanted a cute costume that I could make with the things I had! It came down to the fact that I was going to work and I still had no idea what I was going to be. I was maybe planning on going trick or treating with one of my roommates so I had to find something. Then, thankfully, one of my friends texted me and asked if I wanted to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner! I was happy to go and the theme was 50s...of course. :) Having much experience in that field, I got a black skirt, a yellow button down shirt, a pink cardigan, and Keds to complete the look. Here's what I came up with...all in about a half an hour:

Pretty good, huh? I put a yellow ribbon in my hair and just used the purse I had been earlier because it matched and I didn't have time to find another one. I think I did a pretty good job though. So yes, I have now been a 50s girl for probably about half my Halloweens and I'm proud of it! For next year though, I'm already thinking of ideas so I can have the best costume ever. I'm not going to procrastinate again!! ;)

Cardigan: Thrifted

Yellow Blouse: New York and Company (thrifted)

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Amazon.com

Shoes: Keds

Purse: Pac Sun

Here are other pictures of favorite costumes worn by my some of my other friends this year: 

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Recapturing Beauty Day 5: Exercise for Fun

Day 5:

Exercise for fun—choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, a form you wouldn’t normally choose because it calls attention to your body. How did your body feel during and after your exercise? Reflect on the blessing of being able to move.

WHY: Exercise is necessary for health, but we have turned it into a duty, obligation and punishment--something we do to “make up” for the food we eat. Women are bombarded with media messages that tell us we can’t run, swim, do yoga, or any number of things unless we have the “perfect” body. We must stop waiting to achieve perfection and live our lives to the fullest--taking risks, trying new things, and utilizing the unlimited potential of our bodies.

What kind of exercise do you think I chose? DANCE. Of course! What else? I know it said to choose something I normally don't do, but we were also supposed to exercise for fun and I honestly don't enjoy most forms of exercise. Dance is just my way of exercising. So I danced for like an hour and a half. About that amount of time. I can't completely remember because I was enjoying myself so much. And I really did appreciate my body so much while I was dancing. Every little body part is needed in dance and it all just looks so beautiful while you're doing it. I watched some youtube videos for dancing ideas and it just amazed me to see some of the things people could do or just how strange and beautiful their bodies looked while doing it. I love my body because it lets me dance. It is such a blessing to be able to move every single part of it and create something beautiful. That absolutely astounds me. :)

“When you look closely people are so strange and so complicated that they're actually beautiful.”


I wore this outfit to work today. This sweatshirt is one of my favorites just because it's really fun and bright, as well as ultra-comfy. It was a good Saturday outfit and a good work outfit. Cuz I felt like I could be lazy in this (for Saturday) and at work I move around a lot and am always up and down so it's a good comfy outfit to move around in. Unfortunately, the weather decided to sporadically change and it was raining on the way home. So my shoes got wet, but I had a cute beanie with me and put my hood on so I stayed dry..even if I did look a little silly. ;)

Sweatshirt: Forever 21

Pink Tee: Down East Basics

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Walmart

Purse: Pac Sun


Recapturing Beauty Day 4: Get Ready on the Inside

Day 4:

How much time do you spend getting ready each day? Today, use the same amount of time to get ready on the inside. Meditate, write in your journal, or perform an act of service. Did you notice a difference in how you felt throughout the day? Explore why or why not.

WHY: Women spend thousands of hours on their appearances over a lifetime. Think about what you could accomplish if you spent the same amount of time each day preparing your inner self. How would you be different? How would each day be different?

I spend a long time in the morning getting ready, let's face it:

   Shower=15 min
   Hair=20-30 min
   Makeup=10-15 min
   Picking out clothes/Getting dressed=15 min

So on an average I probably spend about an hour getting ready. Which therefore meant an hour getting ready on the inside ha.

I wrote in my journal for a little, read my scriptures, and then just listened to some Taylor Swift music. It felt nice to just relax and do things that mattered. Obviously my scriptures are very important. I try to read them every morning, although it is hard because I sometimes forget. And my journal is like my best friend so it's super therapeutic whenever I write in it. I just pour out my heart and it feels so amazing. I don't know what people do without writing in their journals every day or without owning a journal. I don't know how I used to do it. I keep my journal with me at all times because I don't want anyone to read it, and because I want to make sure I can always write in it. And listening to Taylor Swift music and just thinking about it was nice. Taylor Swift music is extremely peaceful and it always soothes me. :)

I think this all helped me because I have been sooooo stressed lately so it was just nice to do this as a break and relieve all my stress. It made me realize that it's important to get ready on the inside as much as it is on the outside too.

I AM BEAUTIFUL...on the inside and outside.

“If you dwell on the things you’re not, you’ll miss out on the things you really are.”

Absolutely Perfect

The weather for these pictures was absolutely perfect. And these colors are absolutely perfect. And these things are both very ironic considering life is everything but perfect. But let's not talk about that... I really really looooove these colors! So much. Coral is my absolute favorite color to wear and this this yellow cardigan compliments it perfectly. And the weather these days has been pretty cool but today it's been mid-60s so it's just right that I feel fine wearing a light cardigan. I'm not looking forward to the weather getting even colder. :( But it's a part of life and at least it means fall (or winter?) outfits! And maybe a new season means changes in life...hopefully ha.

I realized it's crazy how I completely remember where I got all my clothes from. And with most of them I remember when and like what situation I was in when I got them. Is it my great memory? Or my love for fashion? Or just normal? Haha do you guys remember where you got all your clothes from? It's just a thought that was in my mind.

Cardigan: Thrifted

Coral Shirt: Wet Seal

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Rue 21


Comfort is Cute

This is the comfiest sweater in the world. I put it on last night and decided I was wearing it today because it's just so comfy. And it's cute too! At least I think so haha. I might have left my hair down with it except I woke up late this morning, so that was a no. I like how this sweater is long, big, and just comfy looking. It definitely follows the baggy shirt trend too. And  I like the owl necklace on it, because it just elongates the look more. Seriously though, everyone needs a sweater like this. It's so wonderful!

Oh and guess what's sad? I got a hole in my pants today! :( Who knows how that happened...but these were my favorite pants and I think I might need to go shopping for a replacement pair to make up for it. ;)

Sweater: Levis (thrifted)

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Forever 21

Hair bow: Had it since I was little

Recapturing Beauty Day 3: 10 Positive Things

Day 3:
Make a list of 10 positive things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance--and 10 positive things you like about your appearance. Was it easier to come up with things you like about yourself, or things about your appearance?

WHY: Your perception of yourself includes the physical. We won't pretend it's not important--physical factors are a part of the mortal world we live in. We've challenged you to make two lists because both your inner and outer beauty affect you--and there will be times you fee insecure about both.
Refer back to your lists and remember the positive.

10 things I like about myself:
  1. When I love things, I love them with my whole heart--like Carrie Underwood, dance, or purple. I guess this is true with people too..
  2. I love fashion
  3. I love to serve people and it makes me SO happy when I can help someone
  4. I'm a big reader, which also makes me literate and cultured
  5. I'm half hispanic and I can speak Spanish
  6. I've been a dancer almost my whole life, I still am, and always will be, even if just at heart :)
  7. I'm loyal and trustworthy. I try hard to be as good of a friend as I can be.
  8. I'm a peacemaker and I'm easy going. I always find myself in the middle of things and I tend to not be the one that starts drama because I hate it.
  9. I don't give up. My whole life I wanted to come to BYU and I did it. I tried out for things multiple times and never made it, but I never stopped trying. And right now, I'm still here....my life it's nuts right now but I'm trying to stick things through.
  10. I'm creative. This proves true in many things I do--at work in the Bookstore, in writing, designing, making things like crafts and cards, etc.
10 things I like about my appearance:
  1. My shiny, black hair. People always ask me if this is my natural hair color and when I say yes, they always comment on how pretty it is. I love my hair and I always have. It's probably my favorite part of my appearance and I just really love it. :)
  2. My brown eyes. I like my eyes because they are big and also because everyone else in my family has brown eyes. So my eyes are like a connection to my family in a way. Oh and my little sister Gracie and I look a lot alike, so when I look at my eyes or face, I often think of her.
  3. My ears. Because there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them. They're just there and I think I have perfect ears haha
  4. That I'm short. It can be difficult to be 5'2" at times, but for the most part it's pretty great. It's easier to find modest dresses, I don't have to worry about boys shorter than me, and it makes me still feel like a little kid, which I love.
  5. My feet and legs because they help me dance.
  6. My bitten fingernails. I have a terrible habit that I've had since forever of biting my nails and it doesn't look super pretty but it's also a part of who I am so I like them.
  7. My size 7 feet. It's the perfect in-between average shoe size. Yep.
  8. My teeth. I'm so grateful I never had to get braces because my teeth were always straight enough.
  9. The way I look when I smile. Does this sound weird? I guess I'm just saying that I think I look pretty when I smile and that I look so very happy. I think I have a good smile. As does everyone else, I'm sure. Smiles are contagious.
  10. My skin. I don't use moisturizer or face wash and I rarely get zits (probably like 5 in my life). And I think I have a nice skin tone..it tans easily too, but it doesn't have to be tan to look good.
Wow that was HARD. Goodness gracious, it took me a while to write. The first list took longer, which is interesting, because I thought it'd be the other way around. This was good to do though, because like it said, I can refer back to these lists whenever I feel down (like today..?). Anyways...


"Pretty is something you're born with. But beautiful, that's an equal opportunity objective."


Speak Now!

So...have any of you heard the new Taylor Swift album, "Speak Now"? Oh my goodness. I love it!!! If you want to buy it, you can get all the mp3s on amazon.com for $4! Go buy it..the songs are wonderful! I haven't even listened to them all yet, but Taylor never ceases to make me proud. :)

In other news, it snowed lots last night. So half our power was out this morning and snow was on the trees. It looked absolutely beautiful and it wasn't too cold. The snow melted a few hours later though. :(

I'm loving my rainboots. :) Ok and let's face it, I just love boots! Wearing them with a dress made me happy. They were good for today too because the ground was all wet from the snow. I liked my outfit today because it was fun and comfy and cute! Well..I have to go now to class...don't forget to follow me and like the page on facebook!! Thanks :)

Dress: Kohls

Jacket: Gap (thrifted)

Pink Tee: Down East Basics

Boots: Target

Recapturing Beauty Day 2: God's Definition of Beauty

Day 2:

Study what beauty is from a gospel perspective. Start by reading “True Beauty” by Lynn G. Roberts (see lds.org) and 1Samuel 16:7 and 1 Corinthians 3:16. Journal: From your study, how do you think Heavenly Father defines beauty? Why might this be hard to internalize and believe?

WHY: God is our Heavenly Father, and He knows us better than anyone--He created us! He knows most intimitately how beautiful we are, and He will tell us if we seek Him. A relationship with Heavenly Father is essential if we are to truly understand beauty and our worth.

Click HERE to go the True Beauty article. It's way good, and I would recommend reading it. Some of my favorite parts:
  • "Happiness is the most attractive accessory a woman can have...If happiness is the most attractive accessory a young woman can have, then a smile would have to be the most charming cosmetic."
  • "Our Father in Heaven provides the perfect example of this principle. He sees our divine nature. We are His children. The way He sees us, because of His love for us, is perfect. The mirror which He holds constantly before us, if we will only raise our sight to look, is the one in which we should trust. Its image is always true and never distorted."
  • "The virtuous smile is truly beautiful as it radiates in a totally natural way. This true beauty can't be painted on but is a gift of the spirit."
  • "In pageants, there is only one declared the fairest of them all. But with the Lord there is no competition. All have an equal privilege to have His image engraven upon their countenance. There is no truer beauty."

1 Samuel 16:7--"But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenace, or on the height of his stature; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

1 Corinthians 3:16--"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"

Heavenly Father defines beauty not by what we look like but by our hearts and the inside of us. Let's face it, he created us all and he wouldn't have created anything that he didn't think was beautiful. He's perfect after all! It can be so hard sometimes though, because we live in the world and not with God, therefore we tend to try to impress the world a lot more than we try to impress God. I am more than guilty of this, believe me. But there is really only one person who we need to be looking beautiful for and that's our Heavenly Father. If we are trying to impress him, everything else will fall into place and others will see us as beautiful too...truly beautiful, not superficial.

In the past week I actually heard from two different people say that the only way we can define our worth is by what Heavenly Father thinks of us. We may be good at some things or have different things in our life, but things and talents may come and go and if that's what we define ourselves by, we'll never truly know who we are. The one truth in this world that will never go away is that we are children of God. That will never ever change. Look at this post on the Women's Services blog...it is really really great.

I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me...and I AM BEAUTIFUL!

“I testify that no one of us is less treasured or cherished of God than another. I testify that He loves each of us--insecurities, anxieties, self-image, and all. He doesn’t measure our talents or our looks;...He cheers on every runner, calling out that the race is against sin, not against each other.”
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland


Slouchy Shirt and Snow

Halloween hasn't even come yet and the first snow has already arrived! I have to say that I'm not very excited about this and I don't think of my other Provo friends are either...not that we can really do anything to change it. :P But me being dumb and not looking at the weather today, I wore way too warm of clothes. Luckily I had a pea coat and some extra shoes for hip hop club with me. So I think when I walk home today (I'm still on campus), I'll roll down my pants, switch shoes and throw on the coat. And possibly pull out the umbrella!

Oh and in case you didn't see...this blog is on facebook! That's right, you can "like" An Outfit a Day Keeps the Fashion Police Away, something I would strongly advise you to do. ;) It's so easy, just click the little "like"  button on the sidebar on my blog or go to this link to get to the facebook page. I'll be posting my daily outfits on there as well so be sure to check the page often as it will be updated almost every day!

Shirt: Ross

Belt: Amazon.com

Pants: Ross

Sandals: Target

White Flower: Cut from a fake flower bouquet

Recapturing Beauty Day 1: Get Started

So the BYU Women's Services and Resources did a 10 day challenge called Recapturing Beauty like last week. My friend Chelsey did it and it was fun to see the process that she and others went through in it. Soooo... I'm a little late, but I decided to it because it would be good and fun, and it can't hurt right? :) I need something spiritually uplifting in my life right now anyways. We're supposed to write in our journal every day, but I do that anyways and I think I'll put the stuff on here because I want to share this with everyone! You guys should do it too...go HERE and download the full calendar to do the challenge. And if you're a BYU student and you do the challenge, go in to Women's Services and Resources when you're done and they'll give you a cute shirt!

DAY 1:

Today, start your journal for the challenge. Write for at least ten minutes and express gratitude for all the things your body allows you to do. Refrain from weighing yourself today. In fact, refrain from weighing yourself during the 10 days of the challenge.

WHY: Recording your thoughts helps you process your feelings. You will be surprised what surfaces when you give time and voice to your thoughts.When we focus on weight, the number never seems to be the right one. We don’t have to subject ourselves to that grief--weight is not always an accurate measure of health or body fat, and we would do well to eliminate the obsession of weighing ourselves altogether.

My List of things I'm grateful my body can do:
  • My hair can do all sorts of styles and make me look pretty
  • My brain helps me do pretty much everything. I can live with it, make myself move, have a great memory, learn things and retain that knowledge, be creative, think up random things, and have a unique personality.
  • My eyes can glare when I'm angry, brighten when I'm happy, close when I'm tired, and see the whole wonderful world around me.
  • My ears can hear everything--music, people's voices, movies, audio books, the sounds of nature, normal every day sounds.
  • My nose can smell great things like popcorn, roses, pizza, perfume, my BO (to let me know I need to take a shower ha), other people's BO (to know to stay away from them), and just the clear air.
  • My mouth and teeth can eat, smile, frown, talk, be silent, laugh, kiss, and bite my fingernails.
  • My neck can pop (which feels nice), turn my head so I can see stuff all around me instead of just in front of me, make my head bob up and down when I'm listening to a great song, and helps me head bang!
  • My fingers, hands, and arms can play the piano, type, wave hi to people, count, remind me which way is left and which way is right, tie my shoes, pick up things, put food in my mouth, pick my nose (JK!), push the button on my camera to take a picture, and they can grow back the fingernails that my mouth bites.
  • My stomach holds and digests food, lets me know when I'm hungry or full, and will one day hopefully carry many children.
  • My hips keep me balanced and when I dance they keep my turnout. I don't know what else my hips do but I'm sure they have many other uses.
  • My legs DANCE, press the pedal on the piano, walk, run fast, jump and catch me when I come down, let me stand for long periods of time, kick things (and people haha), look great in a skirt, bend, stretch and allow me to hurt them to be more flexible, and give me momentum when I'm on a swing.
  • My toes can be painted, go under excruciating pain but are still usable when I'm on point shoes, form blisters to let me know I'm working hard and to take care of me, and they wiggle.

That was fun to go through my whole body from head to toe! I didn't realize how many things my body can do, whether it's good or bad or just plain weird. However strange it may be...I AM BEAUTIFUL.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure... We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”
-Nelson Mandela



Don't you just LOVE these rainboots?! I know I do. :) I got them over the summer knowing I'd need them this year and I'm so very glad I got them. They are a must have item for rainy days. I also really love this rain coat. It actually used to be my mom's and I've always been jealous of her for it and this year she finally let me have it! I was so happy.

Work was absolutely wonderful today. I have the best job ever (I work in the Women's clothing section of the BYU Bookstore in case you didn't know). Today my boss had me help her pick out the clothes we're gonna sell for spring! I just got to pick my favorites from the rack and those are the ones we ordered. I also got to pick the colors for the for shirts that came in a lot of different colors. It was so much fun! I felt like I was shopping. My boss and the vendor said I have a really good eye for that kind of stuff. It made me feel so good. The best part about all of this will be seeing all those clothes come springtime and see people buying them on the racks. In a way, this means that I will have an influence on many BYU students' wardrobes...crazy, huh? I'm so glad work is going well..it seems to be the only thing that is right now haha. This job is seriously such a blessing in my life and I want to work there for as long as I can. :)

Raincoat: Hand me down from my mom

Sweater: Old Navy (thrifted)

Pants: Ross

Scarf: Rue 21

Rain Boots: Target
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