My Life (from the past few weeks) in Pictures

My 18th birthday! I got to home and spend it with my fam. We watched Fame (one of the best movies ever!), went to Chuck E Cheese's, went to the Sunday morning session of general conference, and celebrated and opened presents at my grandparents' house. I had a high school musical cake which was awesome! It was such a fun birthday and I had a blast. Some presents I got were: a purple digital camera (i will have better pictures on here now!), High School Musical barbies :), the Fame soundtrack, and cute clothes. Also, I got lots of birthday money that I spent shopping at the mall. It was great! :)

Brooke and I went shopping at the mall (this was when I spent my birthday money)! We decided to go the Disney store and take a picture with our friends Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse.

I posted a while back about how Brooke and I went to take pictures of each other so we decided to it again! We went to this cute stream/waterfall near our dorms. And we wore matching clothes. hehe


What we do for fun...

Yes...Brooke, Hollie and I did this video at like midnight. So if you want a laugh and haven't already seen it on facebook, here is our amazing show. Trust me, you'll die of laughter it's so funny! :D

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