I have been sooooo busy lately! School just ended, I'm working on a sociology class (one of my college ones), my ballet recital is coming up, and I just started working at Smiths. Talk about crazy! I just wanted to post something really fast and I promise that another post will come soon. I just have no time right now. Every minute counts! MPL (More Posts Later)!


I Started College!!!!

How crazy is this that I am now officially going to college? I'm registered in Weber State's Early College program. It's supposed to help you get your Associates Degree before you actually go to college for real. And, if I get my Associates Degree by Sept. 1, 2009 (that is the September after I graduate high school) then I get a 75% scholarship to any Utah college or university! Personally, I think it is an amazing offer and too great to pass up. I've already started a Sociology class online and I'm taking four more classes during the summer. Some people would hate it, but I'm actually WAY excited. I can't wait for this summer. Scheduling some things will be harder (like my family's summer vacation) but its all going to be worth it in the end. Also, I realized that since I skipped a grade, by the time I get into college I'll be a junior and I'll only be seventeen. It will be like I skipped three grades! I'm sooooo excited for this and I can't wait for it to start!


Prom! (Part 2)

So here it is, the post you've all been waiting for. . . Prom!!! I know its taken me a while, but believe me when I say I wasn't slacking. I've just been waiting for some other pictures, but I'm just going to post this anyway since I'm not sure when I'm going to get them.

Ok so first, the day activity. When Doug came to pick me up, it was so sweet. He brought me flowers! I thought it was way cute and nice. After, we went to go and meet everyone at one person's house. There were about twelve couples in my group, which is HUGE by the way, and all of them were SENIORS! And Doug and I are juniors, so I really didn't know a lot of people in our group. We went up to this one kid's cabin in Morgan to go shooting (at clay pidgeons, which for the record, I thought were shaped like real pidgeons, the birds) and make pizza. It turned out to be soooooo much fun. Even though I didn't know the people in my group well, I got to know them better and had a great time. I was really grateful for the day activity for this reason. Shooting was fun, but I wasn't very good; I could barely hold up the rifle! (and I didn't shoot anything) Our pizzas turned out pretty good too. We also played psychiatrist and just talked and screwed around a lot. It was fun, but I was way exhausted when I got home!

On the day of prom, I went over to one of my friend's houses and she did my hair in a way cute updo. I was way happy that she didn't instead of me having to pay to do it somewhere else. It was way nice of her too, because she had to do her own hair and her sister's too. Here is a picture of my lovely hair:
My mom had to help me get into my dress, because she had to alter it because it was so immodest at first and so it was a little complicated to get into. I also had to wake her up at midnight when I got home so she could help me get out, which I'm sure she was thrilled about :) When Doug came to pick me up, we put the boutonnière and corsage on each other like you're supposed to.
And then my parents took lots and lots of pictures like good parents should (haha, jk).
After we left, we went to the Mandarin, a nice Chinese restaurant. You ordered family style, so each of us ordered a dish and then shared it all. Doug and I shared our dishes with another couple and I found it funny that me and the other girl ordered the most popular dishes and the boys got stuff that no one wanted.

After dinner, we went to temple square and walked around a little bit. A lot of people asked us if we were going to a wedding. It was kind of funny. Then it was off to the Capitol for Prom!!!

When we got there, there was a huge line for pictures and we waited forever to take all of our pictures. My group was way big so it was a little hard to get the group picture done with all of us fitting in it. When our picture finished, everyone in line cheered. It was hilarious! :) Then we danced a lot and got snacks every once in a while. It was so packed, though. Doug and I tried doing some dances we'd learned from our Social Dance class, but it was too crowded to do anything. It seemed like the whole school was there! I saw tons of my friends so it was pretty cool. We left the dance at about 11:00 (it ended at 11:30) and then went to one boy's house for root beer floats. When Doug dropped me off, nothing dramatic really happened. After all we're just friends and I don't think I'd ever be able to like him like that. We just hugged and I thanked him for the night and everything.

Overall, it was LOTS and LOTS of fun! I had a blast at everything and I am soooooooo glad that I got a chance to go! Again, sorry that it's so late, but you know how life goes sometimes. :)
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